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Fnova Pro Star Bike Helmet Mirror with Acrylic Flat Reflective Surface, Sturdy Screw Mounting, Safety Must Have & 360°Adjustable & Lightweight Clear View for Any Road Cyclist
Price: $13.99
Sale: $13.99
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STURDY - As cyclists, we understand how important it is to avoid extra weight while cycling. That’s why Fnova Pro Star helmet mirror is made from strong polymer and light aluminum: the ideal combination between lightweight and durable .
  • CLEAR VIEW ACRYLIC FLAT MIRROR - Unlike others glass mirror, We made using acrylic flat mirror which means will not only allow you to judge the distance of objects behind you, but also never break into pieces accidentally. (Peel Off Protective Film to Reveal a Flat Clear View)
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE 360° VIEWING - With the 360 degree adjustable design plus the ball hinge, you can position the mirror in the perfect viewing angle, No necessary to turn your head & Never keep your safety in question.
  • UNIQUE INSTALLATION MAKES NEVER FALL OFF - Simply drill a hole through the foam in your helmet, You can attach this mirror stronger than the Velcro pad which is easy to fall off or apart after weeks.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We provide 18 Months Warranty and 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you have any problems, please contact us anytime, we will make every effort to 100% customer satisfaction.
These days, riding on the road can be dangerous: Drivers are often distracted on the phone or not paying attention and we have to look over shoulders, take eyes off the road in front.
Time to take back our eyes on the road in front and bike safer with Fnova Pro Star Bike Helmet Mirror.

Fnova Pro Star bike helmet mirror is made from acrylic with flat surface, it provides a clear viewing and allows you to judge distances better then a curved or convex mirror.

Firmly Screw Installation with never falling off.
the unique design that installing is not depend on Velcro but screws it means never fall off . Unlike other Velcro pad attached mirror which would be fall off or apart easily, The Fnova Pro Star mirror fixed with screws gives steady and safe cycling.

Super lightweight but extremely durable

- The Fnova Pro Star mirror weighs only 0.74 oz. and it makes from light aluminium alloy, that means more lightweight and more stronger.
you'll be pleasantly surprised by how sturdy this mirror is. The strong polymer with aluminum construction makes this cycling mirror became a perfect combination of ultra-strength & feather weight.

Super easy to adjust and accurate to lock in place.
Its 360-degree adjustability will allows you can place the mirror exactly where you want it so it is perfect to give yourself the best field of view!

which place is the best to be mounted the mirror?
- As we know the mirror typically mounts on the inside of your helmet and needs a 1 3/4" by 1" flat spot to mount.
-Which side to you mount the mirror on? Mount on either side of your helmet (left side is most common for best view of traffic behind you)



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