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Fnova Pro Star Bike Helmet Mirror with Flat Acrylic Reflective Surface & Fully 360°Adjustable & Metal Extremely Lightweight Construction, Bonus 2 Velcro Pads for Cyclist
Price: $25.99
Sale: $5.99
  • [ EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT] That would be dangerous when you riding on the road : the helmet mirror Always falls off due to the Overweight of the Helmet Mirrors and you have to adjust it frequently. Thanks to the unbelievable light metal Material construction of Fnova Bike Helmet Mirror makes it weights only 0.4oz which is far beyond the light of ordinary Helmet Mirrors. The feather Light means you will never waste time to adjust the falling mirror when you enjoying your cycling.
  • [ FLAT ACRYLIC MIRROR&SENCOND SIGHT] We know the importance of the clear view for cyclist, that is why Fnova Bike Helmet Mirror uses the acrylic material which gives not only lightweight and strong but also more clear view. It is the perfect combination of clear and strong. you can be sure that Fnova Bike Helmet Mirror will never be broken easily at the same time you can enjoy your cycling with a clear view. (Please don’t forget to Peel Off Protective Film to Reveal a Flat Clear View)
  • [FULLY 360 DEGREE RANGE OF ADJUSTMENT]It is real 360 degrees adjustable, unlike other Bike Helmet Mirrors that just can adjustable at the mirror part, Fnova Bike Helmet Mirror are three sections of the adjustable: the mirror and the two metal connective frames, it means more flexible and accurate to lock in place so that you’re safety is never in question.
  • [SIMPLE TO INSTALL] All that you need do is to strap it on your helmet with a high grade Velcro in seconds, and you can ready to enjoy your cycling without worry about any other problem about installation.
  • [100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & 18 MONTHS WARRANTY] If, for whatever reason, you don't absolutely satisfy with Your Fnova Bike Helmet Mirror, just contact us to return it, and we'll refund every penny (or replace it, if there is a problem).
Have you ever experienced anything like this:
you were constantly looking behind you when biking and would always worry about hitting a pothole or object when looking back for cars.
But now with a helmet mirror you just need to glance up and move your head slightly from side to side and you can see everything behind you.

Keep a safe riding and choose a secure helmet mirror now!
Fnova Pro Star bike helmet mirror with extremely light metal Material construction would make you feeling less weight than ordinary plastic helmet mirrors which would fall off frequently in riding due to the overweight.

There are the reasons that you shouldn’t miss the Fnova Pro Star bike helmet mirror:

-Incomparable lightweight without falling off-
we understand how important it is to avoid weight while cycling, and that's why the Fnova Bike Helmet Mirror is unbelievably light.
Our feather weight mirror is no more than 0.5oz weight for the perfect combination of strength and low weight which would makes you fully put into your riding without worrying it would fall off like other plastic helmet mirrors at sometime.

-Flat acrylic mirror &Fully 360°adjustable-
The flat mirror is made from acrylic material, it means more clear view and strong construction without the risk of broken.
What’s more it has an adjustable 360 degree range, so you can judge distances better then a curved or convex mirror and lock it in correct place easily.

-Bonus with Velcro Pads Easy to install–
all it takes is a couple of effortless minutes and you're ready to go! Fnova Bike Helmet Mirror is designed to fit most helmets and comes with a superbly strong velcro pads to secure the helmet mirror in place.



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