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Fnova 250-Watt Portable Battery Generator Power Station, 60000mAh Pure Sine CPAP Wave Backup Power Source PowerHouse, Supply Charged by Solar/AC Outlet/Cars with 2AC & 4 DC 12V & 2 USB Ports (RED)
Price: $299.99
Sale: $249.99
  • 250-WATT UPS PORTABLE RECHARGEABLE GENERATOR:Fnova portable powerhouse Built-in S.E.C (smart energy control),embed with smart power processor. Provides continuous DC to ultra pure sine wave(more advantages than sine wave)AC to power up major household appliances, Off-grid power supply for camping or emergency backup, capable of powering lamps, phones, laptops, TVs and even mini fridges (Any devices that wattage < 250w).
  • 60000MAH HIGH CAPACITY, HIGH QUALITY LI POLYMER BATTERIES: This battery rechargebale generator built-in turbo booster technology by applying a technique called H.V.M(high-level voltage multiplier), which is higher than ordinary power batteries under the same or similar capacity(energy), while it also prolong battery lifespan,with more power output, our portable power source can power up more high power consuming household appliances. Fully charged time: DC 15V(7-8hours)
  • VERSATILE OUTPUT & MULTIPLE RECHARGING OPTIONS: Off-grid keep all your gear powered, Power Source with 2 x AC 250w Pure Sine Wave Output, 4XDC 9~12V/5A max Output (an extra cigarette socket cable), 2 x USB 5V/3.1A Output, 5 LEDCharging indicator. It support solar charging (solar power panel Not included), car charger and AC appliance anywhere.
  • HIGH QUALITY WITH SAFETY TESTED: Fnova mini outdoor portable generator made from ALUMINUM ALLOY with anodic oxidation process that achieved aircraft grade, it features scurf resistance anti-drop, impact resistant, anti-explosion and better cooling, at the same time our battery generator has exceed 30 strict quality control comprehensive inspection procedure: R&D quality high-low, temperature test, saly test, aging test, the actual engine fires....
  • SMALL BODY, GREAT USE: Fnova compact camping generator is only weight 5.7lb, works quietly, high power without feeling disrupted, a pefect companion for outdoor or indoor use, such as emergency rescue, family, office, travel, camping, fishing, hunting, farm or the job sites. We provide 18 months warranty.

Warm Tips:

When the product is charging or running makes the internal temperature reaches 45 degrees,  the built-in Smart Fan would run automatically to make the temperature down. So when you hear the sound of the smart fan, please don't  worry that  is normal.

Solar power panel(Not included)

Fnova portable generator is only 5.7-lbs with an easy-carry handle, it is compact but powerful enough for you to explore outdoor life.
60000mah high capacity hyper temp resistance battery provide enough energy to keep all of your outdoor gears powered that is a great solution
for you to say goodbye with unexpected blackout or power outage.

How Great Of This 250W/110V Portable Battery Generator Power Inverter:
- Aluminum alloy housing|Strong|Anti-explosion
- Built-in MultiSafety Protections
- Built in High Power Density Lithium Polymer Batteries
- Up to 222Wh Battery power
- AC PureSine Wave output for better power efficency.
- Up to 250W AC continuous output, 300W of Max output.
- Dual DC outputs, for Lamps, fans,etc.,
- Support 2 USB outputs, for smartdevices.
- Protection including: Shortcircuit,Overload,Over temperature proof etc.,
- Built-in Smart Fan for heat dissipation

MultiSafety Protections:
a.Short-circuit protection
b.Over-current protection
c.Over-voltage protection
d.Low-voltage protection
e.Over-load Protection
f.Over-temperature protection


Product Specifications:
Built-in Battery :222Wh(60000mAh /3.7V) High Quality LiPolymer Batteries
Input Charging :DC15V/4.0A
Solar Panel Input:12V~20V/4.0A Max
Fully Charged Time :DC:7~8 hours
DC Output:4XDC 9~12V/5A max 2 x USB 5V/3.1A
AC Output:2 x AC PureSineWave Output
AC Continous Ouput:250W
AC Max Ouput :300W
Operation temperature: -20℃-60℃
Lifecycle:>500 times

Package include:
1 x Portable SolarGenerator
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User manual
1x AC line
1x Car charger
1x Cigar lighter


※ Here are some things requiring your attention:

  • 1.Avoid moisture, can not be stored in a dark and humid environment.
  • 2.Battery products, can not be exposed to the sun, high temperature would damage the battery.
  • 3.Support maximum 250W power appliances to run about 45 minutes, appliances exceed 250W power can not use this device.
  • 4.Output of the 4 interfaces is DC12V , the total output is maximum 5A/60W, used for no more than 60W of on-board equipment, more than 60W will be protected
  • 5.The maximum output current of the two USB interfaces is 3.1A, for equipment more than 3.1A will be powered by the maximum 3.1A output while using the interface.
  • 6.The equipment is not waterproof and can not be used in the rain.
  • 7.The device must be switched off when not in use, otherwise it will consume energy till the battery is drained.
  • 8.If the device exceeds 250W, the power supply would protect the output. You need turn off and restart, then output voltage will show again.
  • 9.For long periods of no use, you need to charge the device every three months. Maintain battery's energy(avoid it drained) can prolong battery life.
  • 10.The product can not be subjected to severe collisions.




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